Our Commitments

Our school culture is underpinned by a strong set of commitments that guide all that we do. Everyone within our school community is encouraged and supported to demonstrate these commitments.


A culture of care and high expectations will permeate every classroom and every social interaction. We will have high expectations of our students, staff and community, supporting our students to achieve and progress. We will demonstrate excellence in the way we care for each child, their families and 
for each other. 

High quality practice throughout the school 

All staff will develop strong, respectful, caring and trusting relationships with our students and their families. Teaching and learning will be engaging, authentic and relevant. Our teaching practices will be evidence based 
and data driven. All staff will be highly committed to continual 
professional development.  

A coaching culture will be embedded with a focus on collective efficacy and the notion that teachers make better instructional decisions together, when based on data and focused on continual student improvement. The Instructional Coaching model will prioritise time for teachers to talk about student learning and participate in an inquiry cycle to measure the impact 
of their teaching and identify areas for further improvement. 

A safe, positive and inclusive learning environment that ensures a sense of belonging 

Our staff will prioritise high quality student-teacher relationships. They will create positive and safe classroom learning environments that reflect student voice and give students space to learn. Respectful peer relationships will be fostered and mutual trust and respect among all members of the classroom and school will ensure a sense of community. Inclusion will be supported by our culture and embedded in everyday practices, and differences will be embraced and valued as the things that make each person unique.  

Strong and positive partnerships and relationships 

We will get to know all our families well. Our parents and carers will be seen as partners and advocates for their children. We will develop a strong connection between families and our school and will seek and act on feedback.  

The School Board will provide strong governance and have a mindset of responsibility and collective accountability while being positive advocates of our school.  

We will establish and maintain strong channels of communication and engagement that are a genuine exchange of information and ideas between the school, parents and students, with a focus on student learning and wellbeing.