Our Factions

Following community consultation, our factions names were selected to reflect the ocean, beach and coast. This is another way we echo the beautiful place in which we sit. 

We would like to thank and acknowledge the work of Neville Collard, Aboriginal Elder, who has supported us to create welcoming and supportive learning environments that respect the culture, languages, experiences and world views of Aboriginal people.  


The Yala (crayfish) is resilient, intelligent, caring, fast through the water, noble, bold, sensory, sensitive, clever and tough.

Yakkan (Turtle). The Yakkan is intelligent, fast through the water, sensitive, strong, wise, respectful, friendly and tough.

Doorn Doorn (Sea Osprey). The Doorn Doorn is proud, intelligent, fast through the air, skilled, responsible, nurturing, tenacious and resourceful.

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