Our Buildings

Our buildings are more than just structures. They are the physical representation of our Vision and Values. 

The Administration, Library and the Assembly Area, which are situated down the spine of our school, represent each of the elements of our vision – the Administration being the “Head”, the Library being the “Heart” and Assembly Area being the “Hands”, a place where our community will come together. These three buildings have been given the Noongar names – Kaat (Head), Koort (Heart) and Maara (Hands).  

Each teaching block is named after one of our five values – Connected, Caring, Curious, Courageous and Creative. These blocks wrap around the spine of our school, symbolic of our five values supporting our vision.

All buildings in our school have the Noongar representations of their names. Using Noongar language allows us to incorporate culturally responsive attitudes, values and behaviours into our everyday work as we aim to be a culturally responsible organisation.

Kaat – Adminstration
Koort – Library
Maara – Assembly Area
Curious – Early Childhood
Caring – Junior Primary
Connected – Upper Primary
Courageous – Education Support Program
Creative – Middle Primary